In Shaolin Hung Fut classes around 1988, we used to practice hip-driven consecutive downward strikes of the left and right fists – the technique was called Gwa Kup. In the second part of the following Youtube clip of eighth degree Hawaiian Kempo / Kajukenbo Professor Chuck Liddell, Professor Liddell explains what appears to me to be a similar technique with the right hand. Good stuff!



In the following video, a Wushu club coach shows how to perform the more traditional Kung Fu technique I mentioned above, with both hands. I prefer Professor Liddell’s isolated right handed technique, which seems similar to the right handed portion of the Gwa Kup Kung Fu technique. For example, he advises the striker to bend the elbow, to prevent hyper-extension of the elbow. In the Youtube video above, Professor Liddell also adds how he recommends setting up the technique.