What is “MMA?”  The term “MMA” means mixed martial arts. 

Sport MMA

There are venues in which MMA refers to a combat sport allowing striking and grappling, with rules for safety and entertainment value. For clarification, we call this “sport MMA.”

Practical MMA (Self Defense)

MMA may also refer to a mix of martial arts disciplines, drawing upon different arts including boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, judo, ju-jitsu, Muay Thai boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and so on.  We call this type of MMA “practical MMA” or “self defense.” 

In our classes, we work on conditioning, sparring, grappling — the things that apply to both sport MMA and practical MMA.

Kajukenbo is known internationally for its usefulness in street self defense, and has also been proven effective in sport MMA and other sport martial arts as well.

Must I have prior experience in martial arts to attend classes?
Classes are open to beginners, and all levels of martial arts experience.

What will I learn at Lone Wolf Martial Arts?
You will learn a wide range of sport MMA and practical self defense skills, including conditioning, strikes, kicks, grappling techniques, drills, and fighting combinations and strategies.

What are the benefits of training at Lone Wolf Martial Arts?
Students will improve their physical condition through exercise, improve their coordination, and grow in confidence.  Meanwhile, students will learn sport MMA and practical self defense techniques.  

Are the teachings practical and effective?
From day one, we teach practical concepts that can be used — in ways that are most appropriate for each individual, taking into account their fitness level, age, size, and strengths.

What are appropriate ages for students at Lone Wolf MMA?
Our classes are open to youths starting at age 11, young adults, and adults of all ages. If you studied a martial art at a younger age, we hope you will try our classes now that you are a little older; and please do not wait to get “back in shape” before joining us — come as you are! We have many martial artists in our ohana who have returned to the martial arts; you will not be the only one getting back into the groove.