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At our gym, we focus on street self defense, fitness, and combat sports.

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Effective Self Defense | Champion-Level Competition | Top Fitness

At Lone Wolf Kajukenbo, you will learn martial arts that have been tested, that work — for self defense, for competition, and for top fitness.

We are not a franchise. We are a small locally-owned school.

Tony Miele, Coach Lone Wolf, has been practicing martial arts for over 38 years.  He holds a teaching rank in Kingi Method Kajukenbo.  Coach Lone Wolf has studied and continues to study different martial arts styles.

At Lone Wolf MMA, we teach the art of Kajukenbo.

Kajukenbo was created in 1947 in Hawaii. It is a mixed martial art with striking, takedowns, and grappling. 

Kajukenbo practitioners have always focused on whatever works, and having a way to deal with the fighting styles of the day. Thus, at our gym, we train as both strikers and grapplers.  While we have historically leaned toward take-downs and “top-down” grappling approaches, we are increasingly training in escapes, sweeps, and “ground-based” grappling approaches.

Kajukenbo is one of the first American martial arts. It originated in Hawaii, developed by five martial artists with backgrounds in varied martial arts. The name KAJUKENBO is a combination of parts of words describing those arts: KA from karate, JU from judo and jiu jitsu, KEN from kenpo, and BO from kickboxing (western boxing and Chinese boxing or kung fu).

Left to right: Prof. Tornado Dutilly and Coach Lone Wolf (Sifu Tony Miele)

Left to right: Senior Grandmaster Rick Kingi and Sifu Tony Miele